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Services & Pricing

I would love to help you finish your quilts. Long arm quilting is my specialty!


I have a fast turnaround time and hundreds of patterns to choose from. Not sure where to start when picking a pattern? Check out my list of favorite base patterns to see some of my most popular and cost effective options. Using my Innova Autopilot long arm quilting machine I can finish your piece within a couple of weeks. I will notify you as soon as it’s completed. 

  • How do I prepare my quilt for quilting?
    Preparing your quilt for machine quilting. Piece your top carefully. The flatter the top is, the better it will quilt up. Trim away any stray threads on the top as well as the backing. Press your top and backing carefully. Your backing will loaded onto the machine with the seams running horizonta Backing must be at least 4” longer on all sides. Ensure your backing is square (90degree corners parallel to sides). Wonky edges are hard to attach to the quilting machine. Don’t pin or baste your quilt. If your top and or back is directional, mark the top edge with a pin and a sticky note stating so. Please confirm that I have this written on your worksheet. Remove any embellishments. Reattach them after the quilting is complete. Leave the cutting of scalloped edges until after the quilting is complete. Stay stitch 1/8” around pieced border to prevent seams from opening. Remember, that I can attach your binding while it is on the long arm, for a very reasonable rate. It will save you time! Talk to me about this service!
  • What misc. sewing jobs can you do?
    All sewing jobs are done as an hourly rate of $30/hour. I can: Make repairs to quilt top Make a Hanging Sleeve Washing and Pressing Construction of a backing
  • Do you offer bindings?
    This service is offered at an hourly rate of $30/hour. Most clients bring a binding that they have made to attach to the quilt. I prefer a 2.25" strip folded in half and ironed. I prefer it to be wound onto a piece of cardboard. I can custom fabricate a binding with your fabric or mine. If my fabric is chosen there will be a fee added of $2.00/WOF for each strip needed. I can apply pre-made binding to the top of the quilt after the quilt is finished and while it is still on the machine. I can finish the binding job but sewing it to the opposite side of the quilt by machine or by hand.
  • Do you do basting?
    I offer a basting service for quilts that will be quilted by hand quilters and domestic machine quilters at home. Basting - Load quilt sandwich and baste with desired grid $ 30.00 / hour
  • What other quilting products do you offer?
    I carry an assortment of cotton fabric material for sale: 108" Wide Backing Material $14.00 - $24.00 / yd 54" Wide Backing Material $6.50 - $14.00 / yd I also carry a wide assortment of batting. I carry at least 8 different batting. I will always have at least 5 different types of Quilters Dream batting to offer. I also carry 2 types of batting from the Warm Company. Please inquire as to which batting I have in stock.

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