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Custom Free Motion Quilting

Custom Quilting

Is when the quilting is tailored to the individual blocks and borders of the quilt. It can consist of both computerized stitching or free motion stitching. Each motif is individually placed and centered in the units.


Each quilt will receive 1 hour of design work at no extra cost. I will draft designs either on the computer or hand drawn on plexiglass sheet. We will come to an agreement on what work is to be done before the job has started. It is very difficult to estimate the time needed to custom quilt.


The labor for these jobs will be priced between $.07-$.08/sq inch or $30/hour.

Deluxe Custom Quilting

Heirloom custom quilting is popular for show quilts or high-end projects. It is meant to highlight specific parts of the quilts. Deluxe custom quilting includes ruler work, hatch work, fill work and micro stippling.


Again, each quilt will receive 1 hour of design work and the agreed upon design will be approved before job begins.

The labor for these jobs start at $.10/sq inch or $30/hour.

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