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I would love to help you finish your quilts. Long arm quilting is my specialty!


I have a fast turnaround time and hundreds of patterns to choose from. Using my Innova Autopilot long arm quilting machine I can finish your piece within a couple of weeks. I will notify you as soon as it’s completed. 


Your can also send your quilt top and I will supply the backing fabric and batting at reasonable pricing. Shipping is free if you spend over $150.


There is a minimum $50.00 fee for all services.


Quilting Services


Quilting prices range from the density of the quilting stitches actually quilted.  I have a stitch counter that I zero out at the beginning of each quilt.


Edge to Edge Density        Number of Stitches per Inch           Price per square inch

Light                                   9-13 SPI                                          0.02

                                          14-18 SPI                                         0.0225

Medium                             19-23 SPI                                         0.025

                                          24-27 SPI                                         0.028

Medium/Heavy                 28-31 SPI                                          0.03

                                          32-35 SPI                                         0.035

Heavy                                36-39 SPI                                         0.04

                                          40-43 SPI                                         0.045

                                          44-47 SPI                                         0.05

Custom quilting is done as an hourly rate of $25/hour. 




I can custom fabricate a binding with your fabric or mine or I can attach a pre made binding to your quilt.  When attaching a binding I can either just attach it to one side.  I can also finish the binding of the quilt by attaching both sides of binding with a machine stitch or by hand doing a blind hem stitch.


All Binding is done as an hourly rate of $25/hour.



I offer a basting service for quilts that will be quilted by hand quilters and domestic machine quilters at home.


Basting - Load quilt sandwich and baste with desired grid             $ 25.00 / hour

Miscellaneous sewing jobs


All sewing jobs are done as an hourly rate of $25/hour.

I can:

Make repairs to quilt top


Make a Hanging Sleeve


Washing and Pressing


Construction of a backing



Products sold

I carry backing (105" wide) fabrics and solid color (54"wide) fabrics for your backs if you choose.


108" Backing fabric                              $12.00 / yd
54" Backing fabric                                $10.00 / yd


I carry Hobbs brand, Quilters Dream and Warm & Natural Cotton batting.

Batting is charged by the yard.  You take home any extra batting.

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